Can I sterilise my tools?

All of our tools are manufactured using surgical stainless steel and are suitable for sterilisation with a variety of methods including barbicide and autoclaves.

However some coatings can fade over time with consistence use due to the high levels of chemical and heat exposure. 

We advise our customers to opt for matt, mirror and titanium coated products for tools that will be heavily sterilised. 

With our powder coated tools, we advise customers to take caution and only submerge the tip head in solutions and not immerse the entire tool.  This will ensure the coating will not be stripped over time.


Do your tweezers grab fine hairs?

Tweezers that fail to grip fine hairs are often a result of buckled tips.  This happens when the steel is weak and buckles under the pressure when pressed closed, causing the tips to not align. 

Our tweezers are manufactured with a high grade of stainless steel ensuring they will not buckle under the pressure.


What are the best scissors to trim eyebrows with?

Most of our nail/cuticle scissors are suitable and sharp enough to trim eyebrows with.  Most customers prefer the straight edge blades whilst others find it easier to work with a curved blade.  I guess the choice is down to which you prefer.


The spring on the cuticle nipper has snapped – what do I do?

Unfortunately as with most products – nothing is made to last forever.  With constant use and pressure applied eventually the springs on cuticle nippers do fail and it is common with many products on the market.

However our customers do find that the double spring joints tend to last better than single spring joints.

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